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Moving Mountains

In the confrontation of the rock and the stream, the stream always wins, not by strength but through perseverance.

-H Jackson Brown

Life has a way of teaching us so much more about ourselves than we could ever learn in a book or a movie. I continue to observe my place in this world from such an interesting vantage point. I see things differently than those around me, and I guess I always have. Similar to the tree that pushes through the rock. Once life is discovered on the other side.... what comes next?

I am kinesthetic learner. I learn by doing. This is part of the life of a dancer I assume, but it is all I have ever known. Only through experience do I gain enough insight to understand what and how I am supposed to contribute to this world. How I am to live my daily life and yet, there is a chronic lack of fulfillment. A lack of acknowledgement and understanding that haunts me. Not always, but when I have the time to reflect.... what is it all for? Why do I continue a plight that seems impossible at times?

I never really think about the giving part of my is ingrained in me. I know no other way. I watch people I value do the same things and yet, somehow things rarely become easier. As soon as a branch pushes through the rock and through the soil embedded within it, another hard obstacles sits exactly where I need my next branch to flourish. The sunlight is hidden by a cloud. The safety net has a hole. The trust in humanity is diminished.

How and why do we keep pushing agains the rock the change to world? Why does it matter if it even does? Such esoteric questions are larger than I am today. Today, I am seeking solace and peace. Understanding and safety. Simplicity and humanity. All the things that seem the noblest of yarns and yet seem to elude my experience lately. What I do know is this... 2018 was the last year that I will tolerate less than I deserve.

So dear reader, in the quiet moments of your life, know that you are a warrior. You have a battle inside you that provides you all you need, for the rock you face is afraid of your strength and afraid of your ability to literally move mountains. Keep moving them. Someday, in some moment, you will be rewarded, for it is not through strength that the stream breaks the rock formations, but through perseverance. You have this in droves.... use it wisely.

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