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Performing Arts College Consultant

Preparing for Performing Arts college auditions can be overwhelming. I have worked in the industry as a performer, a college student, and a professor. I can help you find the right school for you or child and help you all feel good about the process.

Applications, Goal Setting and Essay Coaching

We can meet in-person or digitally to discuss and create a plan for your approach to college auditioning for the performing arts. We can construct your essays and application materials to give you the strongest chance of acceptance and/or on campus audition. $75 per hour


Audition and Reel Coaching

We can meet in-person or digitally to rehearse, plan, prepare, and record you college application materials for the performing arts career. This can include clothing, dance reels, acting a song coaching, and more as needed by you. $90 per hour


Digital Editing

I can collate all your digital material and create your submission video(s) in dance, theatre, or musical theatre application.  We will work collaboratively to get the type of footage that you want and for your preferred outcome.  $120 per hour


Personalized Package

This package is specialized for multiple outcomes and coaching sessions. We may collaborate on 1 or more of the above and meet weeks or bi-weekly to maintain accountability during the audition season and application process.  This pricing varies according to the specific needs of the student.

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