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Life reminders when your path seems unclear

The freelance life is not for the faint of heart. To those that don't live it, it can seem glamorous and mysterious. I remember when I finally got off the road the most exciting thing I talked about incessantly was my closet. Why you might ask? I could unpack, REALLY unpack, and the clothes would still be there in the morning. Every morning. Anyone who has lived on the road knows exactly what I mean.

What is weird now, is I am missing the gypsy life...well some of it at least. Don't get me wrong, my rather large walk-in closet will always be one of my favorite things (cue music), however there are times that the road calls me like an old friend...daring me to take up my previous life. I can't say that being back on a tour doesn't draw me after all the years away from it. It would also serve to feed the beast in some aspects of my life...those things that feel like I am missing out somehow or getting antsy about being in one place for too long.

There is a beautiful thing when you spend time with a fellow gypsy that you had a hand in building. I believe I helped this guy discover the life that he was destined for and we got to share a coffee, a couple of hugs, and a lot of memories while he was in town with his show. No, I didn't get to see the show-but seeing this lovely human wave at me from across the coffee shop was all I needed to know the unclear path is continually being laid out before us. I remember teaching him about himself as he played Tony in West Side Story. Who knew I would gain a friend for life...

We are years apart in our experiences, and yet, the feelings are the same. The desires of humanity and art are the same. The trust in the artistic process is the same. This is how you know the people that are a part of your can not see each other for years and its as if you just saw each other last week.

So dear reader, when you feel your life is lacking importance because you somehow don't fit into a mold that the world, or the specific region you are currently in, tries to tell you is all there is...there is an answer. Maybe your tribe is one that doesn't plant trees. Maybe you tribe is one that plants dreams and possibilities and leaves a little sparkle where ever you land for whatever amount of time you are there. Maybe you are a Mary Poppins of sorts...someone who comes in, alters the future for those you touch, and drifts away on a cloud to create more sparkle and shine, never to permanently plant. Maybe this is why some of the things that seem as if they will complete you were never meant for are not a tree.

Thank you my dear friend..for reminding me that life is merely the way you float from cloud to cloud. Enjoy the view...not everyone gets to see it from our perspective. How lucky we are.....

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