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Living out Loud

Living out loud is a statement that I love...and this person definitely does that in my life!! It embodies the idea that you are the master of your own destiny and you have the ability to create the life you want to live. You don't have to fit into the social parameters that the world sets out for can just 'DO YOU' as a good friend has constantly reminded me! What other option do we have really!?!

It's wonderful when people remind you of the value you provide in this world and that is what this friend, artist, and amazing human being provides me. We all need people to remind us of that and see our valuable; that we are doing good work regardless of the resistance we might meet along the way. For Marc and I-we could not see each other for years and we pick up right where we left off. We can finish each other sentences (and we do) and wine ( we do) and remind each other that the work we do on opposite sides of the world makes a difference everyday. This is what #kickballchangeyourlife is all about. You continue to persevere, and securely challenge the world and the people around you to be better than maybe they believe they can be, or maybe that you believe yourself to be capable of.

You also trust in the people in your life that they will be the mirror that you so desperately need to remind you of not only the good work you are doing, but that there are other people like you on the planet. We all continue to discover who we are meant to be as we move through this live, and I for one am grateful for the journeymen that travel along with me...whether that is in the canyon in Hawaii or in our upcoming travels to Amsterdam. Thank you my friend-for taking me on your bike through the countryside and sharing that with me. For coming through Cincinnati and staying longer than you planned, and most of all for loving me the way you do. Thank you for making a difference in the world in all that you do with me and the other people in your life!!

I challenge you readers, when you find those people that make you the best version of yourself...hold onto them and value them with everything that is in you!! Friendships and artistic collaborators are what is the most important thing in this world and trusting that people who believe in the world that you believe in will see us all through the political, social, and domestic challenges we face!!

Get rid of the people that don't see you for who you truly are and don't allow you to be your complete self. Eagles fly solo because that is the best way to see the world!! DOn't allow those that choose not to fly to spoil the view.

Photo by Tracey Bonner

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