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The Road Less Taken

As we develop and become who we are meant to be....we are always becoming and never actually become. A few months ago, I was traveling through a particularly challenging moment in my life, but it was also been incredibly rewarding. In that moment, I was able to watch the young people around me step up and become shining examples of leadership and artistic integrity. Today I was simultaneously reminded of the obligation and opportunity of leadership. Someone, many someone’s actually, turn to me for guidance in life, professions, etc. I sometimes worry I am not enough for these young travelers that journey along behind me. I can't possibly be the person they look to for leadership: this imperfect person who screws up, and fails, and is overwhelmed, and at times expects too much or looses her temper. Even as I write this I am faced with the realization that maybe that is exactly why they look to me. I am all these things that are embodied in their spirits as well. They see themselves in me and I in them...and therein likes the greater beauty.

Dancers. Artists. We are the dream makers. We create magic in ways that many cannot begin to understand. Along this pathway, if we are paying attention, we find our tribe. Fellow gypsys along the way that remind us to continually press on and ‘poke the bear’ so to say, because nothing positive comes from sitting still on the road of life. We bond over the challenges, and the successes. We celebrate each other’s beauty and artistry. We hold each other up during extreme loss, and provide support when the journey becomes too much to bear. We sit in reflection when the road makes us too weary to move forward. The road will call us it always does and will continue to for our life time. We wait for the signs to begin again. We have the extreme pleasure of watching each other in amazement when our successes changes hearts and minds.

Sometimes we must sit in reflection to understand how to move forward. Sometimes it takes a specific person at a specific moment to make you realize that it is time to begin moving again. Today, reflection time has passed. The journey calls to begin again. Causing GOOD trouble.


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