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The Life we seek...

I have a magnet in my office that says 'I know God doesn't give us anything we can't handle. Sometimes I just wish he didn't trust me so much." While this might inspire a chuckle, that doesn't make it any less true and gives me pause to consider just how many people can relate to this statement. Surely some of us are faced with greater battles than others...that is life. But do we truly recognize how much guts and gumption is required to get back up when our wants and desires may not line up with the lives we are in the middle of leading currently?

Risk taking; it is required in our careers, our personal lives, our interpersonal relationships, and permeates all other aspects therein. Just when the world seems to make sense, something surprises you reflecting a part of life you never planned for. This can send you down a rabbit hole that, regardless of how familiar this journey may seem, can make you feel like an adolescent teenager with no barometer and no compass. The inspiring memes saying that 'it's never too soon to start the life you want' can seem cliche and it sometimes feels more appropriate to steal away from the world than to participate in it.

While the vulnerability we experience through the risk is a reminder that there is some kind of humanity inside us seeking out something greater than self, it bears the question, will life always feel like a game of risk where you loose more than you gain? Is the battle continually worth the scars? And this can lead to musings if the risk taking is worth the potential fall it's associated with.

Dear reader, don't relish this as a pity party of one nor a hopeful comeback story, but simply a soul filled inquiry. How many of us are living exactly the life we want..exactly? How do we find peace if life doesn't feel complete or we are dodging bullets-literally or figuratively on a planet that seems to lack balance? Are we thankful for the trials and assume there is something that has yet to line up for us in this world, or are we being protected from something that we can't even recognize in our small human mind? No wise words today....only hopeful inquiry that we may all find the place or people that gives us the perfect reason to stop and smell the roses.

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