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You Blow us All Away...

We have all experienced it if we are aware as human beings. That time when your life is aligned with another life for a specific and celestial reason. You can't explain it. You can't predict it. But you know when you meet someone immediately if they are meant to be a part of your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

When this young tenacious and slightly green red-head walked into my office almost five years ago I had no idea I was gaining a friend and colleague for a lifetime. While he made it his first priority to get to know the newest member of his collegiate faculty, I was blessed to discovered an artist, an advocate, a confidant, and a true professional in an environment where this was sometimes lacking.

We have since both moved onward and upward: me to a Director of Dance at another school, and him to the Production Stage Management team for the hit show Hamilton. Maybe you have heard of it? With all the excitement I felt as I walked into the theatre that night to see this phenomenal production, and it is phenomenal, the greater sense I felt was safety in the artistic hands of this young man for the next 2-3 hours. He has called shows for me before (3 in fact), but this one was different somehow, and yet it still felt it was mine in some way.

This guy is on a Principal contract in the production of my life. As I gave my name to the stage doorman allowing me admittance backstage, my heart beamed as I anticipated seeing the same young man who humbly walked into my office not so many years ago, as he now fully embodies his tremendous success. What I remember most, and what I now share with pride, is a moment spent consoling me as I figuratively faced fire breathing dragons and demons at my door. You didn't need to book the best gig on Broadway for me to say, 'Ya done good my friend!!' but when the shoe fits...

And so, dear reader, remember this: The world is small. The theatrical world is smaller. Kindness and compassion speak louder than any other voice. Treat people the way you want to be treated and when people show you who they are-BELIEVE THEM! Love fiercely and passionately, even in the face of adversity and most of all.... take the time to let people know their presence in your life matters and matters immensely!!

As was true with this case: when someone is in their darkest hour...your face, your smile, and your gentle touch and spirit will be all they can hold onto when they are walking through insurmountably dark shadows. Vow to be the light in the darkness and you will be rewarded and maybe get to be In the room where it happens...

Photo by Heather Castillo

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