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MassMoca UNTIL by Nick Cave

I am currently in Berkshires, an artistic Mecca here in the United States. Never had I imagined the way I would be affected by this place and what it offers. It is no wonder people flock here to feed their souls. This past weekend alone, I have encountered Classical music performance at Tanglewood; Concert Dance at Jacob's Pillow; touring the private home of Literary icon, Edith Wharton; become enamored by exhibits at MassMoca specifically Nick Cave's UNTIL (pictured above), and my adventure is only beginning. I knew places like this existed, but I had no idea the window it would give me into myself. I have developed so many artistic ideas in the past few days, I can only imagine what a long term residency might provide.

But I digress. The reason for this post is UNTIL or "Innocent until Proven Guilty." As I hope are aware by now, my dear reader, my interest in artistry that carries messages of social justice is a thread through my life and my personal artistic creations. How could I know, that a visual artist might see his work in a similar way, and yet, here is one that does. While the picture does not do the work justice, what you may not be able to see is that within this intricate and shiny spectacle display, are guns and bullets.

At any time, a gun may be pointing at you, or you may be pulling the trigger, as the figures spin and rotate with life. Doesn't this speaks to the way we are as a society. It is so easy to see only what we want to see: the color and the light; the refraction of the images as they rotate; the 'prettiness' of it all as you walk through this maze. But in reality, this is a battlefield. You may never know where the enemy lies or from what direction the assault is coming. The ability to experience the art physically and not just observe it is telling.

We are all responsible for the greater capacity of the world and our place in it. While the above is only a small portion of a larger exhibit, the beauty of the installation cannot be missed, but it does takes time to discover the greater message in the work. As I continue my artistic quest this week, I am completely unsure what I will find and that is perfectly fine. I do know I will emerge new; an expanded version of myself. Life is about the journey not the destination. #kickballchangetheworld

Photo by Tracey Bonner

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