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The Face of the Future

CCM Summer Immersion 2017

There is no irony in the idea that when you teach, by your students you are also taught. The reflection of who you are is what comes out of them when you authentically engage. The Face of the Future...which continues to look different, new to me somehow, is also hard to describe. But the human connection..that is easy to see and understand.

I was one of the lucky individuals who got to spend the past two weeks with these students in the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music's Summer Immersion program in Musical Theatre. The picture above is their final performance and the gratitude and love I received from these individuals was more than I can put into words, or even that I realized I was worthy of.

I received a stack of gratitude notes that renewed my spirit in humanity, and my hope for the future. Some called me an inspiration. Some told me that they learned to love dance in a way that they didn't think was possible. One student even said in her note to me, "If I can learn this much from you in 2 weeks, I can't imagine what I could learn from you in 4 years!!"

My hearts swells because these kids get it..and they get the importance of gratitude, as each one said in different ways, "thank you for giving us your time," or "thank you for showing us your passion," or "you made me remember that being true to myself is really what this is all about."

Yes babies!! Truth. Honesty. Integrity. Kindness. Authenticity. These are the building blocks on which art and life are made and these are things that will stand the test of time in all aspects: social, political, professional, and so much more!!

In times when our political climate is on high alert, and the things that divide us seem so much greater that the things that unite us, I get to see the hope for the future in a bunch of kids that just love theatre and love each other and are not afraid to share that with the world!!

So my dear readers, all this to say to you: Never loose this passion for life and living it to the fullest!!! Never let the world dim the light that you have!! Never let the world tell you that you are not enough because you are perfectly enough just as you are. The moment you allow your vulnerability to shine through is when there are cracks in the pavement beneath your path. Those cracks may feel like a path that is no longer safe, but in reality--the cracks are letting the light through and revealing a new path to a new world!! Trust the path, as you build it. This is the story of your life!! #kickballchangeyourlife

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